**SARAH** – Anna is working miracles on my arms and has gone the distance to reasearch the problem in her own time. Thank you

**JAKE** – I went to see Anna as I had got chronic pain in my lower back. After one treatment I felt a huge improvement and after two treatments the pain had completely vanished. I now see Anna once a month just to ‘keep on top of it’.

**BEVERLEY** – After suffering with sciatica and insomnia due to it, I went to see Anna. After only 2 treatments I found I was able to get a full nights sleep for the first time in a long time! Now I have regular treatments and it works wonders. I love Bowen and I will definitely be continuing to have it.

**JAMES** – Highly recommend Anna. I started the day with serious back pain after lifting something that was heavy the day before. I had one treatment and the next day was completely back to normal. A*. Thank you.

**ANDREW** –  I have suffered with shoulder pain for the past couple of years. If I moved it in a certain direction it would send a shooting pain down my arm. I struggled to lift my arm up above my head to do things such as reach the top shelf in cupboards. After three treatments with Anna the shooting pains have stopped and I am able to reach up high without any problems. I hadn’t tried Bowen before but now I highly recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone and everyone!

**HANNAH** – I have seen Anna for a continual problem I have with a trapping in my neck/shoulder/arm. By the end of two sessions, I already feel more mobile and in much less pain. I will definitely be continuing my Bowen sessions – a 100% recommendation from me!

**GRACE** – A treatment with Anna always makes a massive difference, the improvements include relief from my migraines and back pain. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

**HELEN** – Back feeling much better! Superb professional and friendly service in the comfort of your own home. Can’t recommend highly enough. Many thanks.

**HARRIET** – Just had a much needed Bowen treatment done on my neck and back by the super talented Anna. Thank you