Rider Bio-mechanic’s

Sport bio-mechanics looks at the way the human body moves and the impact that has in order to minimise the risk of injury as well as improve performance. This can also be extended to consider the interaction between performer and their equipment, in this case, horse and rider.

We will look at your posture, movement, stability and mobility, both on and off the horse by taking videos and pictures and watching you ride.

After we have assessed the videos and pictures the client will have a Bowen treatment and then be re-assessed.

The Bowen treatment will treat the body as a whole while addressing any misalignment’s or specific problem areas we may find.

We will travel to your yard to to do initial assessments and take photos/videos. However, if it is easier for you then you can do your own photos/videos and send them to us via messenger or email.

If this is something that you are interested in and would like more information or to book please get in Contact.



This is an example of what we are looking at.

                    Left picture = the original                    Right picture = after assessment

          20180321_150711emma back of horse

Initial report form rider = feels like more weight in the right hand stirrup due to not sitting square in the saddle. Rides with stirrups very short to compensate. Right foot turned out more than the left.

After 1 treatment = pelvis is straighter resulting in the right shoulder not dropping to the left as much. Stirrup length has increased by two holes. Right foot not turned out as much. Less of a head tilt to the left.


After 48 hours = Rider reported she felt that she needed to lengthen her stirrups by a further 2 holes. More comfortable through the left hand side. Felt like she was much straighter in her position and more even weight in her stirrups.