About Me…

I completed my training at the College of Bowen Studies and am a first aid trained, fully insured and certified C.B.S Bowen practitioner, Cert C.B.S, S.A.C Dip (Anatomy & Physiology).

I qualified as a Human Bowen practitioner in June 2017 having spent the rest of my working life firstly, veterinary nursing and then milking cows, which I still do.

I first came across Bowen about 5 years ago when my horse had some serious issues with his pelvis. After going down the usual path of using the vet and the physio, followed by 4 – 5 months off with no real improvement, a friend of mine suggested that I try using a Bowen therapist.

I am afraid to say that I had never heard of Bowen and I was a cynical person with the attitude ‘whats the harm in trying, I have nothing to lose’…..I was blown away!

During the treatment the horse was completely absorbed in it, his head dropped, his hair stood up where the therapist had touched him and he was so relaxed that he dozed off!

After only one treatment the horse felt the best he had done for a long time. After two treatments he was moving so much more freely and felt amazing. I couldn’t believe it! So naturally it set me thinking “there must be more to this Bowen Therapy than I first thought!” And believe me, there is!

Now all of my family, my horses, my dogs and I use Bowen regularly and all love it!

Bertram – He was the start of my journey with The Bowen Technique